Seatown Locksmith

Seatown Locksmiths quality trained technicians are equipped to give professional advice related to all of your home security hardware concerns or needs. We’re awesome at securing your homes property. It comes second nature to us, what with all our extensive and valuable knowledge of the matter. You can sleep sound and comfortable knowing our professionals looked into details such as, do you have a deadbolt on the exterior of all the entry points to your home? Or, should you upgrade your strike plates to extend above and below the bolt, or latch mechanism with 3-4″ long screws to give your door impenetrable attributes? These are the types of things that matter when physical security is the concern.

Getting the job done right the first time is a point of pride for us always.  Our work is fully guaranteed to satisfy you*. We wont have any problem with removing and replacing whatever lock or security hardware you have.

Additionally, we honor any price we give you after seeing the full scope of the work that needs done. Unfortunately, there are some bad elements that have infiltrated our integral and time honored tradition of locksmithing. Some seek to exploit the vulnerable nature of our customers’ situations many times. They use panic and few options to take advantage of those who don’t have an understanding of what a fair and decent price for service is. While it is a free market and I cannot completely bash these competitors, I simply urge you to call us first, and make sure it is us who answers the phone next time you need service from a professional locksmith.

• 24 Hour Emergency
• Rekey/ Master Key systems
• Repair/Replace broken locks
• Install deadbolts/knobsets
• Cut duplicate keys
• Adjust hard to lock doors

Most people think as long as they lock the door to their house when leaving to go to work or to school in the morning, that their valuables are safe from criminals. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case all the time, and homes or businesses are broken into everyday because of this thinking. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! Our team of professional locksmiths will evaluate and recommend what can be done to make sure your property remains in your possession and not someone else’s. You should not have to worry about unreplaceable items of your while away. Call us today and sleep with the peace of mind you deserve.

* Guaranteed satisfaction guarantee terms available upon request *